Developing Spectacle Lenses for Driving

A look behind the scenes: how ZEISS developed DriveSafe

ZEISS Vision Care

A new experience in vision

Blinking, crying and seeing stars: what makes our eyes so special?

We blink, cry and see 'stars' – but what makes our eyes to react like that? Why do we blink? What role does our retina play? What makes our eyes...

ZEISS Lenses with UVProtect Technology

Tips for looking after your glasses

Podcast – Myopia

This week Dr Allan Ared from the Omni Eye Centre focuses on myopia. Studies estimate that myopia will affect five billion people worldwide by 2050 and cultural and lifestyle factors are fuelling the myopia epidemic.

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Podcast – Vitamin C and Eye Health

This week Dr Allan Ared joins Kayley Harris to discuss vitamin C and how it helps eye health, changes to passport photos for glasses wearers and mucous filaments in the eyes and how to treat them

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Podcast – DIY Eye Tests

This week Dr Allan Ared joins Kayley Harris and outlines 5 do it yourself home eye tests to spot niggling eye health problems

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