One of the most common vision related problems that people encounter these days, irrespective of gender or age, is myopia or shortsightedness. It is a condition where the patient finds it hard to see the objects placed at a distance clearly. However, they can read and write without much of a problem whatsoever. The possible solution for this vision impairment is either prescription glasses or Lasik surgery. However, the latter option can only be utilized if the myopia is stable. It can be a serious issue if there is progression of myopia.

Now you may wonder what triggers myopia progression. There are a few reasons behind it.

In most cases, it happens as a result of abnormal growth of the eye, thereby making it difficult for it to focus on to the retina in the right manner. In these cases, the best solution is a treatment called Orthokeratology. The treatment involves the placement of special Ortho-k lenses on the cornea for the entire night. This, in turn, facilitates the modification or change in shape of the cornea’s frontal surface. The change in shape of cornea helps in proper focusing of the light on to the walls of retina, thereby helping the patient see the objects clearly for the entire day, irrespective of their distance.

Some of the recent studies have indicated that the reason behind myopia progression could be the peripheral retinal blur. According to these new studies, contact lenses and prescription glasses only help in improving the central vision, but they do not offer much in terms of improving the peripheral vision of the patient. During the development of visual system, which usually lasts till early 20s, the eyes adjust its growth to improve its ability to focus. And the growth of the eye, therefore, depends a great deal on the clarity the retina of the eye perceives. When the patient puts on glasses, it adversely affects the peripheral vision as these glasses only focus on the central vision. And it is because of this reason that the eye does not grow in the normal manner, thereby leading to further progression of shortsightedness.

Ortho-k lenses address this problem by helping in reshaping the surface of the cornea so that the light can be properly focused on to the retina, both centrally and peripherally. Prescription glasses and contact lenses cannot address this sort of vision related problem. This is the reason why more experts are now recommending Orthokeratology treatment for checking the progression of myopia.

The progression of shortsightedness is usually common among kids and people below the age of 20. And it can get frustrating for them to keep on replacing their glasses with newer ones because of worsening of this condition.

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