One-off gig leads to 20 years promoting eye health on radio

25 Jul 2018Podcasts

Sydney optometrist Dr Allan Ared has been on a mission ever since he did his first radio segment on eyes 20 years ago; to promote eye health and promote optometrists as “the GPs of eyes”.

Over two decades he has helped to educate and inform the public about eye conditions and even saved the sight of listeners whose symptoms pointed to conditions such as a torn retina or age-related macular degeneration.

‘It’s the longest-running regular segment about eyes and eye care on radio in Australia,’ Dr Ared told Optometry Australia.

‘My aim on the show is to promote eye care and eye health to the public, and to promote optometrists as being like a GP for the eye and encourage people to see optometrists first for anything to do with their eyes.

‘I’ve tried to drive home that message for the past 20 years and have hopefully been able to help change the perception of the community to show that optometrists don’t just prescribe glasses but can help with any eye issue including eye diseases.

‘I think the show has been successful in many ways.’

During the weekly Wednesday night session, which is transmitted nationwide, Dr Ared takes an average 25 to 30 calls from listeners asking questions about eyes, eye issues and eye problems.

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